What to Look for in a Chinese English Translator?

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Effortlessly delivering their message to customers and forming a flawless communication with them is the secret for any business’s success. This communication becomes even more important when a business enters a new market.

Many businesses are now turning their attention towards China’s booming market. They have realized that more than a billion people present tremendous opportunities. And if they can get their message across to the population, their success will know no bounds. The problem is, Chinese people prefer their native language over English, or any other language for that matter. The solution for this issue is hiring an English to Chinese translator for professional Chinese translation work.

To guarantee yourself the best possible translation service, remember the following tips:


Hire a translator who has a positive reputation in the industry. All your crucial messages will go through the translator before they get to your target audience. So the translator needs to be very well reputed. You can check with the service’s/translator’s previous clients to discover what kind of work they have done in the past and how they were evaluated after the completion of the service.


Next thing you need to consider when hiring a translator is the cost. Usually the translator’s pricing will depend on the complexity of the project. Most of the time a translator will charge you per word, which is the most convenient method for businesses. But there are translators who charge per page or have hourly rate. These methods can make it hard to determine the final costs.

Previous Work

Look at the kind of experience the translator has when hiring. Previous work can be a good indication of whether or not the translator is capable of performing the work that you require. If possible, ask the translator to provide you with samples of past work. These will tell you the skill level of the translator also, how flawless his work is.

Right Translator

Once you have looked at the work that the translator has done in the past, you can have an idea about the kind of documents he has translated. You need to hire a translator who has done similar work in the past. You don’t want to hire a person who has only translated business documents, to interpret your advertising strategy.

To enter the Chinese market, you will need the best translator possible. Remember the tips provided above and you will be able to hire a translator who will help you deliver your message to your target customers.