Web site targets Chinese market?

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Web site targets Chinese market? How to do it correctly?
Nine tips that will save you time and money

While Mihaibao looks as if it’s an e-commerce website, Lam clarified that they are a tech company She explained that their “engineers manage data on currency so people can pay in Yuan, the latest trends so customers can keep up with the latest fashion and all the placement and orders are done automatically.” Mihaibao doesn’t have an inventory like most brick-and-mortar shops have, but instead the company relies on software and data engineers to connect Chinese consumers and western designer goods.

Another strategy that the company implemented is infusing localization to their platform. Lam said they have studied online shopping experience in China, and they aim to make Mihaibao transparent and open, easy to use for shoppers tailored specifically for them. Mihaibao started in selling luxury bags, but now the company is also planning to expand its product line with luxury items in beauty, baby care, wine, art, and furniture.”