Why These Foreign Brands Launched Localized E-commerce Sites in China

Want to know why these foreign brands launched their localized e-commerce sites in China? While they come from different industries, selling a myriad of goods to Chinese online shoppers, they knew starting an e-commerce site, whether launching a virtual storefront in Alibaba’s Tmall or setting up a localized version in an independent corporate domain, will

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How To Set Up WeChat Official Account for Companies Outside of China

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the common digital marketing tools for overseas companies to promote the products and services. These are no-brainers for online marketers, and with a well-planned strategy, they can achieve the desired results. However, in China, we use different channels—these are the websites that Chinese

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is chinese translation necessary
Is Translation Really Necessary?

A corporate website is an investment. As globalization unlocks more opportunities for global corporations, digital marketers and specialists significantly consider investing in language solutions such as translation and localization of the site. Aside from the English website, multilingual versions help companies build relationships with the target market and communicate the kind of style they want

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chinese translation services
3 Incredible Mythbusters on Chinese Translation That You Should Know

Managing Chinese translation projects through the years has given us valuable lessons at the intersection of business, internet, and language. We also encountered the myths when it comes to our work. Machine translation and on-demand services are the go-to tools among users these days. However, despite their popularity, human translators remain indispensable for specialized companies.

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professional chinese translation services
5 Signs of Unprofessional Chinese Translation Services

When it comes to translation services, you’ll find numerous companies and individuals labeling themselves as professionals, but only a few would fit in that category because translation itself is a combination of skills, expertise, and talent. However, a professionally translated document in Chinese is possible. On the other hand, there are also unprofessionally translated materials,

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chinese loanwords and translation
10 Chinese Loanwords to Expand Your Vocabulary

As we get to know more about the language, we’re featuring 10 Chinese loanwords to expand your vocabulary. There were many words we have listed, but we chose the common English words as a reminder of how the Chinese culture has penetrated our lives. Definitely, it will continue to influence us in various ways. 1.

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translation and crowdsourcing in china
How Far Can Machine Translation and Crowdsourcing Go?

Our project manager and I exchanged ideas about the potential of (MT) machine translation and crowdsourcing, which we’d like to feature on LIMPID blog. I came across an article, which featured a startup company that offers machine translation and crowd translation as the core business model with cheap rates and fast service. It looks promising.

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Business Culture in China that You Must Know About

If you are planning to launch your business in China, then learning certain Chinese business culture and etiquette will prove immensely helpful. Chinese culture dates back to thousands of years and is not only something that they follow in their personal lives, but in their professional lives as well.

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